About After Hello

In the search for love, it's not just about swiping right or left. It's about finding someone who truly resonates with your deepest values, shares your vision for the future, and matches your unique vibe. That's where After Hello changes the game.

The After Hello Difference


We value authentic connections and believe that everyone deserves to find a compatible partner to share life's journey. Through thoughtful matchmaking, we aim to facilitate meaningful relationships.


Our vision is a world where no one feels alone - where all have a special someone to laugh, grow, and make memories with. We envision matchmaking that successfully brings together kindred spirits.


Our vibe is warm, thoughtful and lighthearted. We take our matchmaking seriously but also keep things joyful. We strive to make the journey to love fun while helping craft connections that delight and inspire.

Our matchmaking methodology leaves nothing to chance.

By seamlessly blending the science of compatibility with a tailored approach, we optimize the outcome of each match for our clients.

We are After Hello

Our story began with a group of friends, gathered in the cozy corner of their favorite spot, sharing laughs, stories, and the woes of dating.  As the conversation delved into the dating pitfalls – ghosting, endless swiping, and the disastrous search for genuine connections – someone in the group suggested the concept of matchmaking as a refreshing alternative. Intrigued, they signed up to be included in a local matchmaker’s database, unsure as to where it may lead.

Fast forward six months later, and fate unfolded its story. Maria, who was among those friends, encountered Ann, the New Orleans-based matchmaker, at a popular cafe. Amidst the notes of jazz, while sharing beignets and coffee, their connection wasn’t a mere coincidence; it was the spark that kindled the inception of “After Hello”. With Maria's comprehensive expertise in operations, recruiting, and business growth, coupled with Ann's legal acumen turned successful matchmaker, we now lead a team adept in the nuances of navigating the modern dating culture and the often chaotic landscape of dating.

In a world where stereotypes about matchmaking echo the early days of online dating, we break free from the notion that seeking expert guidance is outdated. Instead, we challenge the narrative, showcasing that those who value their time, discretion, and resources recognize the benefits of enlisting experts to navigate the dating process efficiently and yield meaningful results. After Hello defies stereotypes, demonstrating that investing in matchmaking expertise is a smart choice for those seeking quality connections.

If you're searching for a refined approach to dating, where genuine connections thrive, welcome to After Hello – where curated introductions are only the beginning, and love stories unfold naturally with intention. Our methodology doesn’t leave anything to chance. By blending the science of compatibility with a tailored approach, we optimize the outcome of each match for our clients.  

Leave the introductions to us and experience the art of meaningful connections with precision.  – where a simple “hello” changes everything.


Ready to Rewrite Your Love Story?

After Hello is more than a matchmaking service; we're your partners in crafting a love story that lasts. Whether refining your approach to online dating, enhancing your first-date dynamics, or guiding you through the dating etiquette maze, our expertise is at your service.

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